Roxy Music Tour 2001


hris Spedding plays special guitars designed by James Trussart. Based on two classic guitar designs - the Gibson Les Paul and the Fender Telecaster - Trussart's guitar bodies are of a hollow-bodied steel construction. The steel body is then aged to give it a 'rusty' appearance (though there are two other finishes available). The necks are made from Hawaiian Koa wood and the fretboards from rosewood.

The 'Steelcaster' has a vintage 6 saddles bridge and the pickups are Seymour Duncan "Antiquities". The 'Steelpaul' has a tune-a-matic/stop tailpiece bridge and pickups are Tom Holmes vintage style humbuckers.

For his amplification for the tour, Chris went down the same path as Phil in choosing the new Roland modelling amps.


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